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Feb 11 - 10:00am - 3:00pm
Feb 12 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm  Callbacks 3:00-5:00
Casting will be 18+ for 10 principals & 10 ensemble
Location: Old Town Temecula Community Theater Upstairs Rehearsal Room

Gene & Lisa Wunderlich
Terri Miller-Schmidt - VP of Production

Artistic Team:
Samantha Maxwell - Director
Rachel Bailey - Musical Director
Peter Varvel - Choreographer
Liz Garcia - Stage Manager

Godspell was the first major musical theatre offering from three-time Grammy and Academy Award winner, Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Children of Eden); and it took the world by storm. Led by the international hit, "Day by Day," Godspell features an eclectic blend of songs, ranging in style from pop to vaudeville.

A small group of people help Jesus Christ tell different parables by using a wide variety of games, storytelling techniques and a hefty dose of comic timing, dissolving hauntingly into the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. Jesus' messages of kindness, tolerance and love come vibrantly to life. 

Boasting a score with chart-topping songs, a book by a visionary playwright (John-Michael Tebelak) and a feature film, Godspell is a sensation that continues to touch audiences.

Character Breakdown

Jesus: Must be the most charismatic individual in the cast. High energy, charming, funny, gentle but with strength. He is the sort of person others instinctively follow.
John The Baptist/Judas: He has attributes of both Biblical figures: He is both Jesus' lieutenant and most ardent disciple and the doubter who begins to question and rebel. Like Jesus, he is also charismatic, but in more of an overt revolutionary way. Usually played by someone handsome and masculine, with an undertone of sexuality. He is the most "serious" and intellectual of the group, though as with all the actors, he mus still possess a good sense of physical comedy.
Nick: Very high energy. Impish and playful. In the original, he played several musical instruments, including concertina, recorder and guitar.
Telly: Not the brightest in the bunch, he is a little slow on the uptake. But there is a great sweetness and innocence about him. Because he sings "All Good Gifts" he must be a very good singer.
George: The comedian, the class clown. The guy who can do a hundred voices and imitations.
Anna Maria: A bit of a tomboy, but basically open and sweet. Perhaps the youngest of the group. She is the first of the group to commit to following Jesus in the song "Day by Day."
Lindsay: The confident one, the show-off. The first one to vonunteer, sometimes she jumps in before she really understands what's going on.
Uzo: The shy one. Sometimes a little slow to get things, but when she does, she commits all the way. Has an "earth mother" kind of warmth to her.
Morgan: Sassy and slightly cynical, the most urban of the group. Also the "sexy" one, but her sexiness contains a large element of put-on, in the manner of Mae West or Madonna (who in fact once played this role.)
Celisse: The female equivalent of the class clown. Goofy and a cut-up. In the 2012 Broadway revival, she played several instruments, including conga, ukulele and guitar.

Casting List: 
Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got the Will!

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